Where was Kyle Campbell born?

Kyle Campbell was born near Chicago, Illinois- which is a major city located on the banks of Lake Michigan. If you ever go to Chicago be sure to check out the iconic skyline and the infamous O’Hare International Airport, which was first opened on October 30, 1955.

chicago restaurant
(pic of the hyatt regency lobby in Chicago that Campbell snapped on his phone recently)

Early Childhood

Kyle grew up primarily in upstate Michigan.

What Is Kyle Campbell’s Age?

Kyle Campbell is 25 years old. Born in July of 1991.


Kyle has been featured in the following places:

lion zeal logo

Lion Zeal’s Recent Interview With Kyle Campbell


What Is Kyle Campbell’s Place Of Residence

Kyle Campbell primarily spends his time between Las Vegas, Nevada and Miami, Florida.

He also been recently spotted in the following locations:

-New York City
-Southern California

His main focus is known to be heavy in-person networking and masterminds.

Internet Marketing Expert

Kyle has generated hordes of online sales for many different products.

How Much Is Kyle Campbell’s Net Worth

Kyle Campbell’s net worth is estimated to be over 7 figures.

Marital Status

Kyle Campbell’s romantic life has not been chronicled by any news outlets lately. Records indicate that he has never been in a marriage.

Personal Projects

Kyle Campbell enjoys giving back to the community and attending charity events as well as volunteering at the local soup kitchens.

Favorite Way To Spend His Free Time

Kyle enjoys playing the piano, exercising, and brushing up on his knowledge of historic political events.

kyle campbell relaxing
(PIC: San Diego circa May 2015)

What Kind Of Pets Kyle Campbell Has

Kyle Campbell has 1 dog and 1 cat.

Personal Brand

Kyle is somebody who gets a lot of attention for his outlandish rants, insane SEO knowledge, and perfectly crafted videos.

He has been seen posting a lot on YouTube lately and even has some new stuff in the works.

His new course “Search Odyssey” is set to launch within several months in addition to a new search marketing cloud tool.

Be sure to watch out for anything and everything you see from him on social media. You would not want to miss out the opportunities, deals, and insights that he posts about. He has often been seen sharing loopholes and tactics that are completely original as well(first to the marketplace)- because he invented them himself.

Here are some of the topics he has been seen ranting and raving about lately:

1. Competition research
2. The imperative nature of using “models” in your search marketing(why you must copy other people rather than be original)
3. Backlink hacking
4. Productivity hacking
5. Motivational speaking
6. Inspirational memes and messages

Even though Mr. Campbell does occasionally drop a success quote or meme on social media- DO NOT BE FOOLED. This guy could give a crap less about fluffy feel-good tweets and mental tomfoolery BS that people abuse for dopamine hits on social media…..which all just ultimately amounts to “action faking” rather than “action taking”.

Hit up Kyle Campbell at one of his official enterprise websites if you want to get to know him better online or request a consultation.

Rise To Fame

Kyle started making 100k/month (in profit not revenue) from SEO several years ago by using PBNs.

At that point he decided to take his knowledge and package it up into a training course(Source Pheonix).

You may know him from the old pen name he used to use on Source Wave: Dan Anderson.

Political Beliefs

Nobody knows Kyle’s exact political stance since he keeps it secret- but we think it’s easy to say that some of his views are controversial- if not downright offensive.

Some of his FB live videos(which have since been deleted) showcased some questionable ideas to say the least.

1 of them went viral and had over 160 organic shares.

Why Did Kyle Campbell Lose His Hair?

Kyle started losing his hair at about 20 years old.

This is likely just a genetic condition.

Things Kyle Is Often Heard Talking About

-Ancestry and genetics
-Etymology of different languages
-Was 9/11 An Inside Job?
-Sightings of rare animals (ie. black bears, bobcats, etc.)

Favorite Color

Green because it represents cash.

Favorite Movie

Kyle does not watch TV.

Favorite Food

Steak and broccoli.

Favorite All Time Concert Attended

Eminem at Comerica Park in 2012.

Was Kyle Campbell Bullied As A Child?


Kyle Campbell was involved in several physical altercations in which he was the attacked one.

How Many Languages Does Kyle Campbell Speak?

Only English and Spanish.

Was Kyle Campbell Given Any Unfair Advantages As A Child?


His mom began teaching him to read at a much younger age than most kids and he picked it up rapidly.


Complete Nicotine Abstinence

Kyle does not consume any form of cigarette or tobacco products any longer, although he was a daily user during 2 different time periods in his life.

Here are the official dates that Kyle was a daily nicotine user:

Usage Period 1: November 1st, 2008 to February 28th, 2010 (16 months)
Usage Period 2: August 20th, 2013 to April 10th, 2015 (18 months and 20 days)

Forever a nicotine addict living in abstinence, he knows that just 1 hit would be 1 too many.

Kyle encourages people to stop using nicotine.

Also highly recommended book: Allen Carr’s The Easy Way To Quit Smoking.

First involvement in a positive self improvement community: Kill The Can

Outlook On Pharmaceuticals

Tylenol is bad for your liver and I recommend against using it. I do actually find that Tylenol works as a sleep aid, though, funny enough” said Campbell in an earlier interview. “I’m not a doctor- but the effects it has to relieve achy muscles works wonders for getting deep rest, in my experience.

Later, however, he said that he will be avoiding any form of NSAID and most OTC pain reducers because of their effects on the liver.

Outlook On Legalizing Pot

The question of whether or not to legalize a Schedule 1 Substance should not be taken lightly- there are a lot of concerns on both sides of the coin“, Kyle recently stated.

But one of the main reasons people become an entrepreneur is because there isn’t a piss test.

Narcissistic Lifestyle

Some people have criticized Campbell’s personality for being too self-centered and egocentric- constantly chasing the next hit of validation however he can get it.

But make no mistake about it- Kyle Campbell could give a crap less what you think about him.

To him- posting obnoxious photos and personal stories all over social media is just a hobby he does to engage with the community.

What Type Of Mental Disorders, If Any, Does Kyle Campbell Have?

Bipolar Disorder – has the side benefit of extremely increased creativity and work ethic.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – able to focus for long periods of time on detailed information.

Germaphobia – this is why he uses hand sanitizer obsessively and avoids touching door handles with his bare hands at all costs.

Hypochondria – general paranoia of health problems, has been tested for cancer and AIDs, etc.

Moneyphilia – an irrational obsession/perverted fondness for money. Often seen salivating at SERP graphs and domain metrics in his custom dashboard.

A Day In The Life

Kyle Campbell usually stays up to work all night because that is when he gets in the zone the best and there is nobody to bug him.

He goes to bed at 5 AM and wakes up around 2 PM.

The first thing he does is get some coffee and start working.

He likes to delay his first meal until after he has done some work.

He finds that this is a good way to “stay hungry” both literally and figuratively.

The complete tunnel vision obsession of the mind being focused on WORK while ignoring some hunger pangs in the background is a great way to start the day, because it puts you in the right place mentally, according to him.

So from about 2 PM – 5 AM Campbell embraces a sort of zombie like obsession with his craft – creating lucrative websites, spreading the word of truth about.

Another interesting thing to note about Kyle’s work experience is that he tends to get more focused as the day goes on.

“It’s something to do with my adrenal glands- and it could be from so many years of blowing them out with coffee and energy drinks”, he says.

“But honestly, that’s not even what it is, actually. Now that I think about it- it’s more of a circadian rythm thing, because I’ve always been like this. I can feel my norepinephrine levels rising and getting more bioavailable as the day goes on. So by the time 9pm-10pm starts setting in, I get in the freaking zone and focus like a beast.”

“But the key point is just to realize that when I wake up, definitely for the first 4-5 hours or so, I’m not that focused. I typically mope around and just do little chores/check on my stock portfolios etc. but don’t do any serious coding or anything right away.”

“And that’s pretty much it. A lot of people think I’m like, a celebrity or something. But honestly I’m just a normal guy.”


Hot Girls

Hot girls are simply an afterthought for Kyle, who focuses his attention primarily on giving back to the community.

This is why they all keep chasing him like crazy.

Advice On College

“Never go to college- it’s a complete freaking waste.”

“Whether or not you want to be an entrepreneur or even just a wage slave college still is an absolute 100% waste of resources.”

“I wasted over $13,000 USD on college tuition and got absolutely NOTHING for it. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the amount of time and energy I spent. Most of it was spent grilling professors with questions until I realized they were all phony unsuccessful people that taught stuff they knew nothing about.”

“And that’s just business professors who by definition are not entrepreneurs- don’t even get me started on all the roman history and exotic painting bullshit they make you sit through.”

“A lot of my friends have $60-70k in debt from college and no ability to get a job doing anything other than Starbucks.”

“But worst of all- they spent so much time following society’s narrative that now their drive and passion is completely gone- and they can’t even fix it because they don’t want to bad enough.”